10k Training.

Happy Hump Day! 

Monday I realized I only have about 8 weeks til my first 10k of the year. 
I ran my first 10k back in 2012 and haven't done one since. I had big plans to ran the Plaza 10k last year after having Olivia but I didn't want to come in last so I skipped it. 
This year I have about 5 10ks I'm completing before the end of the year. 

I'm pretty excited about them. I'm still trying to decide if I want to do a half marathon in October or not.
I feel like I could but then again I feel like I haven't been running that long to try and run one. Who knows. I know I need to make my mind up soon though. 

Anyways, I knew I needed to find a good training plan that would work for me.
Here's what I found. 
It's Jeff Galloway's 10k Plan for Beginners.

Yesterday I did 35 min run. I'm still a super slow runner. But I'm ok with that.

Also, I'm switching my Friday and Saturday training. Since I run a lot of Saturday's anyways I thought I would just switch those days around. 

My first 10k is June 7th. 
I'm not going for a certain time or anything. I just want to finish those 6.2 miles and not come in dead last. 
I'm doing the Hospital Hill 10k
I can't wait for it. It will be my first one post baby. 

Conversation time: 
Have you ever done a 10k race?
What's your favorite race length?
Should I go for the half in October?

Race Recap:: Easter Escapade 5k

Hello, Happy Monday! 

 I can't believe its Monday already. Thank goodness I have off so I can catch up on house work. 
The weekend was great and super busy. I think we were home for about 2 hours over the whole weekend. 

Yesterday we spend the day celebrating Easter with family. Miss O loved her gift from the Easter Bunny.

Saturday I ran my 3rd race of the year and it was amazing. 
I ran the Eater Escapade 5k part of the Healthy Holiday Fun Run Series
Its a great series. I'm so glad I signed up to run them all. Plus, having family do it with me is great! 
It was a beautiful day for a race too. 

There was only one big hill on the last half mile and of course I had to use all I had left to get up that hill. 
I really need to start training for hills. Ugh... 
We started at Centerpoint Hospital and ran in a great neighborhood. They were a few other runners running along the trail that weren't racing. 

It was a great race and well put together. They always to such a great job and its always so well organized. 

Hope everyone had a great Easter. 
We are so blessed! 

Conversation time: 
Do you train for hills?
Did anyone else have a race this weekend?

Meal Planning Linkup #8

Good morning everyone! 
I hope everyone's weekend is going great. 
We are still in Springfield enjoying every moments with our friends. Miss O loves all her bffs. 
We aren't coming home until tomorrow but last Thursday while packing and trying to gather everything for this trip (packing for a baby takes a lot) I decided to go ahead and meal plan and write my grocery list. So, hopefully when we get home tomorrow I can just run to the store since the hard part is over with. 

Here's what's on the menu! 
Don't forget to linkup with Jill and Laura  

Monday, April 14 - Lettuce Wrap Burgers with Spicy Creole Potatoes via Not Quite a Vegan

Tuesday April 15 - Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken via Damn Delicious with roasted veggies 

Wednesday April 16 - Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (recipe coming soon!) 
with salad

Thursday April 17 - BBQ Chicken Salad via Damn Delicious 

Friday April 18 - Out to Dinner 

Saturday April 19 - Honey BBQ Chicken Thighs with Grilled Zucchini and rice 

Sunday April 19 - Bacon Turkey Burger and homemade fries (recipe coming soon!) 

Friday Favorites

Hey guys! 
I can't believe its Friday already. I'm so ready for the weekend. 
We are headed down South today for see some friends and attend a baby shower this weekend. 
I'm so excited I haven't seen my girlfriends for about 2 months so it is way over due! 

Next week is going to be great too. I have a few recipes lined up! 
But until then here's my favorite things I saw throughout the week on the internet and pinterest. 

Favorite Work: Yoga for Runners. I did these a few times this week and wow. I'm really, really starting to love yoga!

Favorite Recipe: Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo This is the hubs favorite dish. I can't wait to try something more skinny that doesn't lack flavor! 

Favorite Easter Crafts: 15 Awesome Easter Crafts. I really can not wait to be doing crafts for each holiday with Miss O. 

Favorite Outfit: I just love this! 

Favorite Quote: 

Have a GREAT weekend! 

2 Miles

Yesterday was beautiful! 
It was a pretty 75 degree windy Spring day. 

Breakfast- Bagel thin, greek strawberry cream cheese, strawberries and orange. I've been loving this for breakfast. The bagel thins are perfect. 

After breakfast and cleaning up the house a bit I went into work for a few hours. 
It was such a pretty day I knew I wanted to take Miss O for a walk in the stroller but I needed to workout too. 

I decided to do a 30 minute run/walk pushing the stroller. 
And OH MY, I forget how hard it is running with the stroller. It was hard and fun all at the same time. 
O loves going for walks. She talked and giggled the entire time. It was a great day! 

After my workout I came home and got dinner ready. Its been great grilling weather so I grilled some delicious food! 

Dinner: Grilled Chicken, bbq sauce, Potato Packs, pineapple and an apple. 

Have a great Thursday! 
P.S. Its National Sibling Day if you have a brother/sister!