Family Photos

Good Monday Morning!! 
Ugh another weekend has gone. I hate how quickly the weekends really are. And the fact that this was the last weekend before the hubs starts school pretty much sucked. We had a great weekend. Not looking forward to him going back to work. 
We didn't really do much. Went to a birthday party and hung out at home. Cleaned. Haha you know all the fun stuff adults love doing. 
Remember last weekend we were in Springfield. Well my dear friend Corey took some family pictures for us. We haven't had any since Miss O was 3 months so it was overdue. We've just got pictures of her by herself. 
Corey knows just what I'm looking for in photos. She's amazing guys. I love love love her work. And I swear I'm not just saying that because I happen to be close friends with her. 
So today I thought I would share some of you guys! 

Aren't they just lovely! I can't wait to get some for my wall!! 
If you're in the Springfield MO area email her. She's amazing. 

I can't believe this was just 9 short months ago! 

Happy Monday and I hope to have a new workout for you tomorrow! 

Friday Favorites

Hello Friends! 
Its Friday. And while I would love to write a long, lengthy post I won't because I'm enjoying myself with friends. 
But I will leave my Friday Favorites for you to enjoy!! 

Favorite Baked Good: Honey and Olive Oil Zucchini Muffins. I think these look DELISH! These will be prefect to use up all that crazy growing zucchini we have. Plus, I'll be freezing some! 

Favorite Girls Outfit: I love everything about this for Miss O. 

Favorite Workout: PiYo. I mean everyone probably already knows this is my favorite workout but I just can't help it. It really is amazing! Trust me when I say you'll have results. I'll be sharing mine after my 8 weeks. 

Favorite Decor: L.O.V.E Letters. If you were to ask me 10 years ago if I liked gold, the answer would have been no. But I'm loving it added into decor. I mean how cute would these letters be in a bedroom! 

Favorite Drink: Strawberry & Lime Moscato Punch. I mean does this sounds delicious or what! 

Favorite Toddler Food: Savoury Mini Muffins. I've been having a hard time with Miss O's meals. Then I found these amazing and easy muffin recipe. I've made them twice with different veggies and shredded chicken breast. They are a BIG hit. 

Have a great weekend!! 

Navy and White

Heeellllloooooo Friends! 
Its Thursday which means we are headed to Springfield! 
Guys, I am beyond excited to get away at least once before school starts. I'm so bummed the hubs couldn't enjoy his summer but at least we get to see our best friends one last time before football season starts. 
So since I've been to busy packed and cleaning the house (I hate coming home to a dirty house) I haven't worked out a lot. But I have two work out post coming to you next week! Woohoo!! 
I knew y'all would be excited. 
Today I thought I would try and be some type of blogger model and show you my new favorite outfit. I went shopping like a month ago with my mom and really wanted to get myself a new outfit. You could say I've put myself on the back burner since having Miss O. Plus I haven't wanted to buy much since I'm still trying to lose some weight. Which I think will always be a working progress. 
Anyways, so we went to Old Navy which I've fallen in love with. They've always had cute kids clothes but I think they are starting to get cutter adults clothes now days. And they have some amazing jewels. 
I found this dress and wasn't quite sure about it but my mom said like it so I tried it on and fell in love. Its not typically a print I would choose but I really love it. 

The dress is so comfy to wear. I love the matrial. Now, I wouldn't wear the sweater normally unless I know I'm going somewhere its chilly. 

This outfit is going to be perfect for shopping with the girls or running errands around town. It's in my suitcase for our trip to Springfield. 

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! Check back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites! 


Birthday Parties with Tiny Prints

Good Morning Friends!! 
How's the week going for you? Great here we are headed to Springfield tomorrow and I can not wait! 
I'm so excited to see all my girlfriends and Miss O can't wait to see her favorite buddies! 
Speaking of Miss O. Remember my blog post about her amazing birthday party?
Well guys I have a company that you need to use for your next birthday party! 
Have you guys every worked with Tiny Prints
I had heard of them and I really wanted to make birth announcements buuuuut I never got around to it. 
So when I was trying to find some really cute Thank You's for the party I knew Tiny Prints was the place to shop! 

I was really bummed I had just ordered birthday invitations and didn't even think to look at Tiny Prints for some. But after talking with them about Thank You notes, I'm happy to say they are amazing. 
They are so good with details and I love that you can make everything personalized. I love love that I could put Miss O's name on the Thank You's. It made them more special to me. Plus the leftovers I can use for Christmas or something.  They had so many options I had no idea which one I wanted then finally I made a top 3 and let the hubs pick from there. 
Tiny Prints isn't just for printing invitations, thank yous or announcements but they have amazing mounting prints
I really wanted a picture of Miss O to display on the gift table. 
It took me longer to pick the picture out than what size and type I wanted. I love love love canvans but I really wanted to try the mounted prints. So I did and guys I LOOOOVE it. I want to order so many more like this. I can't wait to order a BIG family picture. 
Tiny Prints is so easy to work with. And the best part the shipping is really fast. They emailed me when everything went to print then another email when it was shipped. I got everything within 6 days. I was so impressed. 
It's a company I will be using again. 
Like Christmas cards are a MUST with Tiny Prints!
Products were provided by c/o of Tiny Prints all opinions are my own. 

August Goals

Good Morning! 
I've had a pretty busy morning. I prepped food all morning for this week. Also, trying to get some stuff together for our trip away this weekend. We are headed to Springfield. I usually try and get things sat out and started on the packing at the beginning of the week. I have no idea how I used to just throw everything in a bag in one day before! 
And can I just say holy cow its August! Ugh I'm not ready for the hubs to head back to school. We haven't had a summer. We are both totally bummed. Football practice started bright and early this morning. Miss O was very sad when she woke up with her daddy gone. 
Speaking of August I should probably post my monthly goals since I didn't get to post them Friday. 
July's goals went pretty well. I got in 75 miles. Only 10 behind what I wanted to hit! 
I didn't do my squat challenge every day. I usually forgot about it on Saturday's and Sundays then I would remember right before bed Mondays. I would try and do them before bed. Usually I didn't make it but at least I tried. 
I did stay on track with meal planning and its still going strong. I think this will be a goal every month. It's probably one of the most important goals for me. 
Here's what I have for this month. 
I have about 8 weeks in a row where there's a race so I'll be doing a lot of training this month. 
I'm pretty excited for this month. Its going to be a great month full of amazing things. 
I can't wait to complete the next 4 week of PiYo. Its really amazing to see the changes in my body in pictures. I really didn't think it was changing that much. Can't wait to show you pictures at the end of the month!