Friday Favorites

Good Friday Morning friends! 
I can't believe it's already Friday. This week started out going by fast then by Wednesday it was slower than a turtle with all the snow days. 
Miss O and I have the itch to get out of the house this weekend and boy do we plan on it. 
Its suppose to be in the 50s all weekend. Looking forward to some amazing weather! 

Since I'm finally back to blogging I thought I would end the week with some of my favorites I've seen over the week. Here's what I'm loving! 

Favorite Outfit: I love these colored pants with the navy. I'm so into navy right now. Its the new black to me. I need to find some cute navy tops asap. 

Favorite Soup Recipe: Potato Ham Chowder. I love, love, love a good potato soup recipe. I mean really I love any soup recipe and this one looks delish! I'm hoping to make a big batch of this over the weekend. 

Favorite Nursery Find: Blush Printables on Etsy has some of the cutest signs for a little girls room. The girls will be sharing a room and I can't wait to get matching bedding and change everything up. I'm so excited to work on their new room. Deets coming soon. 

Favorite Toddler Treat: No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerio Snack Bar. Miss O loves food and snack time. She pretty much eats anything and everything. Thank goodness. I found these on pinterest the other day and can't wait to make a batch for her. They look delicious and something fun and different for a change. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend! 
Happy Friyay! 

Valentine's Outfits

Wow, do I suck at this whole blogging thing now days or what?
I know a month ago I said I was back but really I'm back this time. I'm in the middle of getting a whole new look and name. Its going to be amazing!  
I can't wait to share with you guys! 

By the way, anyone else feel like 2015 is going by way to quickly. It might just be me since we are having another baby in 4 short months. I feel like our weekends are getting busy with plans up until May. Oh wait, we have 2 graduations and a baby coming in May. Guess there's no slowing down then either. 

I just can't believe its almost Valentines day! Like already, were celebrating this holiday again?  Didn't we just have Thanksgiving? Time is flying. I can't believe this will be Miss O's second Valentine's day. 
I have no idea what to get an 18 month old. Probably a new book and outfit or something like that. Maybe a cupcake that we will share. 
I barely remember what I got her last year. (Note to self look at pictures!)
Anyways, since the holiday is right around the corner I thought I would share some of my favorite outfit finds for that day. Old Navy is my favorite, favorite, favorite place to shop for kids clothes. So don't be surprised that all my favorite things are from there! ;) 

Also, I guess I should go ahead and tell you, if you haven't seen on Instagram that Miss O is having a baby sister! More deets with our announcement this week! 


While everyone is checking out these cute outfits, Miss O and I will be enjoying another joyful snow day. We are so ready for the 50 degree weather again! 

Happy Thursday! 

Christmas 2014

I can't believe the holiday season is over with. I love Christmas so much but I always feel like it doesn't last long enough.
Christmas was truly amazing again this year. Its so much fun with kiddos!!! I mean I had so many great memories from the holidays growing up but there's just something more amazing with your own kids. 
We spent Christmas Eve at my parents, then came home and got ready for Santa. 
Santa definitely came in the middle of the night and spoiled Miss O! 
She is one loved little girl. We had breakfast at my parents opened gifts then headed to the hubs parents for lunch and more presents. 
It was a very busy but amazing day! I can't wait til next year when there's two kiddos running around. We already know what Santa will probably be bringing. 
Here's some pictures to highlight our day! 

Hope you had a great Christmas! 
Now lets celebrate bringing in the New Year! 

December First Box

A few years ago before having Miss O I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest. 
I know, go figure an idea from Pinterest. 
Anyways, it was this little box filled with Christmas stuff, pjs and some hot coco. I knew I really wanted to do something like that when we have kids. The hubs and I decided instead of giving it to the kids on Christmas eve we would do it every year on December 1st so they could enjoy the pjs and other items included in their box. 
Last year was our first year with Miss O. I loved it so much I couldn't wait til this year. 

Here's what she got this year. 

Miss O with last years box.

I look forward to sharing this tradition every year with the kiddos. I still can't believe we will have another baby next year! I'm so excited and can't wait. I hope Miss O grows up to love this tradition with the years to come. 

Conversation time: 
Do you have any favorite traditions? 
What's the one thing you look forward to during the holidays?

Happy Monday! 

Exciting News

I still hope not everyone has completely given up on me. I needed a break from this little space. 
I didn't think it would be this big of a break but we've been pretty busy.

Also, if you follow me on Facebook you probably saw where this post was suppose to be live Monday. Well I got a bad case of the stomach flu... It was a rough. 
But I'm so excited to be back with some amazing post, new recipes and all things family and babies! 
So let's start off with the exciting news. 
If you follow me in Instagram then you probably already know but in case you don't here it is. 

Yes, that's right Miss O will be a big sister in May. We are super excited now that all the shock has wore off. 
Miss O and her sibling will be 22 months apart. At first I was pretty nervous about the short distant between the two but I'm starting to think it will be a great age difference! I hope they are bffs! 

We find out the sex in on the 29th. We can't wait! 
I'll post of pregnancy post soon too! 

(17 weeks) 

Well I hope you have a wondering Thursday.
I'll be back next week with a new cookie recipe and a peak into Miss O's December 1st box! 

P.S. I promise I'm back to blogging! :)